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Happy Holiday Monday!

The holiday that occurs on the first Monday in August throughout most of Canada is a complete and utter farce. A non-holiday. We are celebrating absolutely nothing–but, like the good Canadians we are, we must overlay some kind of veneer of respectability on top of it, to overcome the WASP guilt of actually–gasp!–taking the day off. So, in various places, it’s named after the province (British Columbia Day, Saskatchewan Day, New Brunswick Day) and in Ontario, it changes by municipality to honour some local, long-dead colonist of wig-and-breeches vintage.

Being in Toronto, my non-celebration revolves around: Lord John Graves Simcoe, the first Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada. I dunno what the hell he really did for us, but I think he was in the British Navy, and possibly repelled some Yanks from the northern shores of Lake Ontario. Oh, wait … it says here that he introduced “institutions such as the courts, trial by jury, English common law, freehold land tenure and [abolished] slavery in Upper Canada long before it was abolished in the British Empire as a whole.” (source: Wikipedia — where else?)

Well, then … my hat’s off to ya’, Johnny! In your honour, I’ve:

  • updated the Mindgames page with a new jigsaw puzzle and a new brainteaser. Try the jigsaw puzzle, they’re much easier on a holiday Monday;
  • added a new widget from — this is a fabulous site for readers that I found just last night. You can click on the little pictures of book covers over there to the right in “On My Nightstand”, and you’ll be taken to plot summaries, readers’ reviews and rankings. You can engage in discussion groups about what appears to be a vast number of topics. And so far, it looks like there is something for every kind of reader, and in particular me. Meaning, the entire thing is NOT dominated by people whose only experience with literature is Harry Potter. What a relief. (I’ve never read it. I’m never going to read it, nor am I ever going to see any of the movies. Ever. I could, and perhaps sometime will, write an entire rant about Harry Potter and how it has contributed to the denigration of critical thinking among today’s youth. Later. It’s a holiday, for goodness sakes. I’m celebrating Johnny.)

My first eccentric musing of the day, in which I take you on a trip from Joshua Allen to Leonard Cohen, with stops at goodreads and Johnny Depp along the way, after the jump.

The SYTYCD circle continues to grow. Last night, I found out my brother and his entire family are fans of the show, for all the same reasons I am: because it’s a reality TV series that focuses on true talent, with choreographers and “jidges” who are committed to developing these dancers into artists.

It was a hunt for info on Joshua Allen’s REAL dance background (because I don’t believe for one second that he is as untrained as everyone is letting on) which led me to goodreads. (Explanation: there is more than one Joshua Allen out there on the Internet.) That same hunt also led me to a great photo site about Mark Kanemura, with an interview in which he mentions that Johnny Depp is his favourite actor (and doesn’t that just make so much sense? They even look a bit alike). Again, I’m all about the serendipitous random juxtaposition of otherwise unrelated events. And will have much more to say about Johnny Depp on these pages soon.

Just quickly: keep your eye on the upcoming release of Terry Gilliam’s film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. As soon as the hubbub dies down over The Dark Knight, I expect we will start hearing about this one. Depp, Jude Law and Colin Farrell finished Heath Ledger’s role in the film. Johnny–Depp, not Simcoe–last worked on the unfinished Don Quixote with Gilliam. I love Terry Gilliam. I love Johnny Depp. And I love movies. But I can’t talk movies right now, because …

I’m about to delve in a serious way into some Leonard Cohen music and poetry. He was inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame by Lou Reed earlier this year. Next to Dylan, he is the most important poet-writer in popular music EVER (notice, I don’t call either of them “singer-songwriters”–a label that is far too narrow for the work they’ve produced).

Now, Cohen: there’s a Canadian who should have a holiday Monday named after him.


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