A Wacky Wednesday SYTYCD Finale Spoiler

August 6, 2008 at 12:42 pm Leave a comment

Site updates! Gotta put a different pic up, ‘coz ole Johnny down there is slightly musty looking.

SYTYCD Finale Performances! Tonight!

I expect you all heard the story that Joshua and Twitch suffered dehydration and were hospitalized on the weekend. All four lost a day of practice as a result. Wonder how that will affect the performances? I’m looking forward to a great show.

Spoilers … after the jump.

UPDATE: Check out SYTYCD: And The Winner Is and SYTYCD Finale Performance 08-06-08 for more info!

For the Finale of SYTYCD Season Four:

  • Mandy Moore is the guest judge.
  • Courtney/Katee dance a Broadway routine by Tyce to The Trolley Song from Meet Me In St. Louis.
  • Katee dances her solo to Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap.
  • Courtney dances her solo to a Missy Higgins song.
  • Twitch/Josh do a Russian dance by a new choreographer, Yuri someone. It’s done to something from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite. (hi art meets lo! looking forward to this)
  • Twitch’s solo – no real info on it. Some reports he got a standing O, though.
  • Josh’s solo apparently was fantastic – definitely standing O from audience.
  • Twitch and Katee dance a Waltz by Melanie and Tony to Feeling Good by Michael Buble. Mary tells Katee that she could walk into the US Ballroom Championships in September because she is so good.
  • Courtney and Josh do a Jive by Jason Gilkison to something by The Brian Setzer Orchestra (that is at least three times we’ve heard music by the former Stray Cat–ahhh, takes me back to my youth). Reaction by judges is mixed/slightly negative.
  • Courtney and Twitch do a NapTab Hip Hop routine. Sounds harder hitting than the usual. No clear commentary on how this one was received.
  • Josh and Katee do a Contemprary by Wade Robson to a John Mayer song.

Special Performances include something by Debbie Allen Dancers, and if you haven’t heard (yikes) The Jonas Bros. Mia choreo’s the group routine, and it’s something strange with kilts involved to an instrumental with lots of bagpipes. Wow. That sounds weird and enticing.

Looking forward to tonight.


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