SYTYCD Finale Performance (08-06-08)

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I missed it!! Boo hiss. Work got in the way. Just reviewed the vids up online at Kudos to him for getting those up that fast. Have seen just about all with the exception of Mia’s group performance–will come back to that and have more of a performance and artistic merit review by the weekend.

In the meantime, if you want a transcript of judges’ commentary intermingled with some savvy viewers’ responses, check out the SYTYCD Play-By-Play by my friends, the PBP Players, on the American Idol message boards HERE.

My stream-of-consciousness responses to tonight’s key performances, after the jump.

Courtney & Twitch – NapTab hip hop: nothing special; lots of walking around and gesticulating, hip hop was neither hard hitting enough nor lyrical — somewhere in the middle. Loved the cool head spin/lift at the end.

Courtney’s solo, nice use of stage — kind of same ole, same ole. Nice spins as we usually see from her.

Josh / Katee – Wade Robson lyrical: Josh and Katee obviously really, really like each other. They have a great bond, and it definitely helps their dancing. Oh, this is VERY cool choreography. Very different than anything we’ve seen on the show, showing that each of these choreographers has a distinctive voice. The side spotlight showing the shadows made it almost as though 4 people were dancing. The clasp/hug at end was very beautiful–and they too were emotional. So sweet.

Courtney and Katee – Gosh, they are so well-matched! Nice use of umbrellas – not over the top focus on the prop, but enough to add interest. Again, another very interesting, unusual routine in terms of choreography — like a 50s style musical. Funny ending — music just kind of stopped and so did they.

Twitch solo — pulling out all the stops. Excellent, such an entertainer.

Twitch & Joshua – Yuri Nelzine (Nutcracker Suite). Interesting that the guys have to dance a fight and the girls can be more collaborative. 😀 OMG what a leap! Josh is amazing!! Again, lots of walking around — c’mon — DANCE!! Nice use of stage (hard to film, they were often at opposite sides of it). I thought Josh out-tricked and outdanced Twitch on this one. They also didn’t end with the music. hehehe nice fake out at end and playing to the audience. Very, very good.

Katee – great solo — much more from her than we typically see — both interpretive and lots of spins. Very nice.

Twitch and Katee — Tony and Melanie – Foxtrot. Katee is awesome in this. Cartwheel was a brave piece of choreography, great lift and spin. Had good energy and chemistry. Not sure it was fast enough?

Josh’s solo — great move to head up to judge’s table, totally went for broke.

Josh and Courtney – Jive. I believe Courtney and Gev did a jive, didn’t they? I remember liking that very much. This one is good — I like the costumes. Josh makes it look effortless; Courtney seems a tad tired. Fun. Wow, great spin and move at the end.

Mia’s Group routine: tartan school girl dresses are weird. This requires a ton of energy. Not really sure theme and point to this, but it is fun to watch. I can see what Mia meant about it being a celebration. Not as markedly beautiful and emotional as some of her routines, but joyful. Nice!

I’m a total toss-up between Josh and Katee to win. I am leaning now, weirdly because I was for Josh all season long, towards Katee based on tonight’s performances. I thought she was dead-on all night, in every routine. So, my final four in order: Katee, Josh, Courtney, Twitch.

We’ll see!!


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